Father Gets Revenge On Ungrateful Stepdaughter After Her Wedding Broke His Heart

Fathers play an important role on the wedding day of their daughters. It is an opportunity for them to finally give their little girl away to another man by accompanying her to the altar. Although this tradition is not maintained by everyone, it is still being continued by many.

Because it is common for fathers to give their daughters away on their wedding day, many young women are given away by other important men in their lives if their biological father is not there - like their brother, grandfather or stepfather.

So when the 62-year-old Ronald Visser from Amsterdam heard that his stepdaughter was going to get married, he was immediately excited by the prospect of being involved in the ceremony and giving away the girl for whom he had cared for the past 10 years.

Ronald says: "My stepdaughter graduated from the university last December, I paid for her maintenance while she was a student, she has no work and lived with me and her mother until she went to college and after she graduated. bought a car for her to go somewhere easier and easier to get home, I always treated her like she was my own daughter. "

"From time to time, her cumbersome father popped up in her life and she was extremely nice to him, although he did not contribute a penny or paid alimony - although that is my girlfriend's fault because alimony was not part of the agreement - she still loves him and wants him in her life, he stays long enough to break her heart by failing to keep promises he has made. "

It was clear that Ronald really cared about his stepdaughter and did his utmost to support her. When it turned out that she wanted him to pay a cost of € 25,000 to € 35,000 for her wedding, the timing seemed a little suspicious ...

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But like any supportive father who happily makes his loved ones happy and now has a ton of money, Ronald agreed to give the wedding his stepdaughter wanted, but with a few conditions on his part:

Since he would pay most of his stepdaughters wedding, he had a few small requests. Requests that his girlfriend and stepdaughter liked to meet - until their egoism took over from them ...

"The wedding venue could accommodate up to 250 people, and I gave them a list of 20 people I wanted to invite, since I paid for everything, they told me it was not a problem and they would take care of it. I let these people know that they would receive an invitation and that they should keep the date free. "

"Last weekend I saw one of my friends from this list and asked him if he came, he told me he was not invited, he told me he had received an announcement but not an invitation, he had it in his back seat ( along with probably six months to post) and showed me him It was indeed only an announcement and my name stood nowhere, her father's name and mother's name were on it and not mine. "

It is easy to understand why Ronald was upset after this happened. In spite of everything he put in the wedding, it turned out that his girlfriend and stepdaughter bit him.

"This led to a pretty big fight with my girlfriend, because I discovered that NO ONE from the people on my list of twenty have 'saved' it to the last guest list because 250 people are very little," says Ronald. "I was furious, but I could not do much more because the important people in my life were already offended, my friend said that if some people did not say "yes" to the invitation, I might get a few people in. But that's what I think an ultimate slap in the face, so I cooked anger at that moment. "

But it would be even worse ...

"The next day we had a dinner with the future in-laws and a surprise guest, the 'real father'. During this little dinner my stepdaughter announced that her 'real father' could come to her wedding and give her away now. This was welcomed with a choir of 'Oh what great' and 'How wonderful is that'. "

At that moment, Ronald was furious. "I do not think I ever felt so angry and disrespected," he said. "I was shaking. I took a moment to find my composure, because frankly, I was not sure whether I should cry or throw glass or both. "

But when he felt calm enough to speak, Ronald said he wanted to make a toast while tapping his champagne glass with his spoon.

"At this point in my life, I feel that I should give a word of thanks to the bride and groom, because they opened my eyes to something very important," he said, as the room exchanged confident smiles.

"They showed me that my position in this family is not what I once thought he was," he continued, turning the smiles into confusion and shock.

"Although I once saw myself as the patriarch or godfather of the family, who enjoyed great respect and could be supported in times of need, it seems instead that I hold the position of a cash machine, good for money, but not for much more than that.

Since I have been replaced as host, both on the invitations and during the ceremony, I absolve myself from my financial duties as a host and give it to my successor, the Real Father. So toast the happy couple and the path they have chosen. "

And Ronald was not bluffing ... He is currently on holiday in Spain in an all-inclusive resort, so he could get away from the problems at home. He told his stepdaughter and girlfriend that he wants them out of his house the moment he returns. Their relationship is irreparably damaged and he will certainly no longer contribute to the wedding!

What do you think? Did Ronald have the right to feel and react as he did? Have you ever experienced anything similar? Like this and share your stories with us!

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