Firefighter Brings Puppy Back To Life! A Week Later, Owner Surprises Him With The Unexpected

This Firefighter’s life was changed after woman left him with the ultimate surprise following his dog saving heroics the previous week. 

Having worked in the Fire Department his entire life, 34 year old Ken Olson is no stranger to hard work and high pressure situations.  From community projects to teaching fire safety at local schools, Minter has been a servant of the community for decades.  

 “It’s in my blood,” Ken says.  “Whether it’s my family or my city, I’m always there when people need help, no matter how small!"

So it came as no surprise when Ken courageously went into a burning home to save a young woman’s 2 year old dog, Lucy.  With zero-visibility, the odds of finding this little puppy were not in his favor.  7 minutes into the rescue, hope was nearly lost until Ken was seen crawling out of the smoke with the Lucy in his arms!

But the story doesn’t end there! The dog wasn't breathing and everyone thought it was too late.  Ken never gave up hope and  automatically started performing CPR on the dog when miraculously, 2 minutes later, the dog started to breath.  The dog’s owner, Taylor Stuart, could not stop the tears of joy as everyone rejoiced.  

Truly a happy moment for such a stressful day.

“I almost lost my baby!” Taylor cried.  “I knew that if there was any way to repay Ken back for not only saving my puppy but bringing her back to life, I would make that happen in a heartbeat.

But with her home and her possessions all lost from the fire, it did not seem like Ken would be repaid back any time soon.

Until a week later, with some spare time during her bus trip to work, the wheel of good fortune struck her again.

One night, Taylor was at her bartending joke when a stranger left a tip of approximately CA$500!  Taken back by the kind heartedness, she teared up and called the first person she wanted to hear from, Ken.

Taylor might have lost so much because of the fire but she didn't lose her puppy, Lucy, and has gained an even better companion, Ken.

We are loved this story so much that we had to send Taylor a present!  We hope you enjoy them :)

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