Kind-Hearted Canadian Steps In And Saves The Day When Airline Tells Desperate Mother They Won't Fly Her Son

A woman got the unexpected surprise of her life at the airport days ago when she attempted to check in herself and her son ahead of a flight she had booked long ago.

It turned out that the boy - who had only recently turned two - needed a separate ticket which he did not have.

The mother was left devastated by the revelation and panicking due to fact she simply had no resources to get another ticket.

A witness at the scene explains what happened:

“The woman was confused because she was under the impression her son could ride for free,” the person said, explaining that when the woman bought the ticket, her son was one — and didn’t need a ticket. But he had turned two last month.

“She was hit with emotion. She didn't have means to rebook this flight or get him a new ticket with such short notice. She stepped aside and tried to make a few calls."

“Hugging her son and grabbing his head, you could tell she was heartbroken.”

But a woman who was nearby and watched the events unfold decided to do something about the sorry situation.
She walked over to the mother and asked what was wrong, and after talking for a while, the woman told the airline agent she wanted to purchase the boy's ticket herself.

“I was right there watching it all as they printed out the ticket,” the witness said.

“The agent kept talking about her goosebumps while the women hugged one another and switched contact details."

It appears that on this heartening day that woman just wanted to help a mother and her son no matter what the cost.

Isn’t it nice what people can do for one another when we are nice with each other!

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