Woman In Shock Over Christmas Miracle After Saving Dog From Frozen Lake.

This Toronto Woman's life was changed after this Dog Owner left her with the best Christmas present following her dog saving heroics last week.
The pooch had chased a bird across the boating lake just before 3pm when he ran into trouble.
He plunged through into the deadly depths and became trapped before his heroic pal risked her life to save him.
An onlooker said: “I was at the café getting a herbal tea when I heard this massive commotion.
“I went out and saw there was a dog in the middle of the lake through the ice.
“People said the dog had chased a bird onto the ice and fallen through.
“I saw a girl at the side take off a green jacket and her shoes and she jumped in.
“She had to smash through the ice and the dog was about ten metres away she had to smash through to get to it.
“She got the dog to the side and he was lifted out and she got out. A girl who worked at the café got her some dry clothes and she got driven home.
“I heard someone say how lucky she was that she was young and healthy.”

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