Gefu Cherry Pitter
Gefu Cherry Pitter
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Gefu Cherry Pitter

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Cherry Pitter

Everybody loves fresh, sweet cherries but the hassle of removing the pit is quite tedious without the proper equipment. The Gefu Cherry Pitter is here to save the day, this high-quality plastic cherry-stoner will remove the pits from preserved or fresh cherries with ease. The integrated suction base will help with stability and if that's not enough there is a screw-type clamp on the apparatus. Simple and effective: fill the upper dish with your prefered cherries and press the plunger element, the cherry stones drop into a collection box and the cherries then ejected to the side where you can efficiently collect them in a dish. In no time you'll be cooking up cherry pie, cherry jam, cherry ice cream. The cherry possibilities are endless thank to the Gefu Cherry Pitter.

Gefu Cherry Pitter Features:

  • Screw clamp locks to worktop
  • The Gefu Cherry Pitter suction base grips to worktop
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Laterial ejection of cherries
  • For fresh and preserved cherries

Cherry Pitter Shipping Weight: 1 lb

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