Orange Squeezer and Bar Prep Set
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Orange Squeezer and Bar Prep Set

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Searching for a convenient, color-coordinated solution for your kitchen prep needs? This exclusive package features everything you require for slicing, squeezing, and cutting oranges. With one orange paring knife, one orange hand-held squeezer, and white cutting board, this kit provides a time-saving experience. 

For those specializing in orange drinks, whether that be a bar, orangeade stand, or beverage kiosk, this all-in-one package helps ensure fast and safe service to your customers. The convenience lies in having all of these items together, which eliminates the worry of finding the right knife to go with the right board. The board, knife, and squeezer are ready for use and compatible with one another right out of the box. The paring knife and orange squeezer boast a unique orange color that serves as an excellent measure towards preventing cross-contamination. 

Measuring at 6" x 10", the NSF Listed white cutting board features solid, non-porous, high-density polyethylene that makes it sturdy for halving fruit and creating garnish slices with the Victorinox paring knife. It provides safe food handling and is an easy-to-clean design. An integrated handle allows for effortless carrying and extra stability. 

For mincing, paring, peeling, and cutting everything from cucumbers to apples, avocados, and kiwis, this handy Victorinox 3 1/4" paring knife is a truly versatile utensil. Frequent users of the knife will love the comfortable grip provided by the sleek, ergonomic handle that matches the vibrant orange hand-held orange squeezer. A straight-edge blade is constructed of high-carbon stainless steel for durable and sturdy use. 

Finally, add further ease to multiple kitchen tasks with this simple, hand-held orange squeezer. After cutting fruit with the Victorinox paring knife on the white, bar-sized cutting board, simply place orange halves in the squeezer. It ensures that only pure juice makes it to the dish or drink each and every time, without any seeds or pulp. A coated, die-cast aluminum construction offers superior durability and will not rust or react with juices. When not in use, a convenient handle on the front makes this item easy to hang for storage or cleaning purposes. 

This collection is a must-have for any beverage stand or bar, and could also be used as a great gifting idea. 

Overall Component Dimensions:
Cutting Board: 6" x 9" x 1/2"
Paring Knife: 3 1/4"
Orange Squeezer: 11 1/4" x 4" x 2"

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